John Oliver Says President Trump’s ‘Alternative Vaccine Schedule’ Is Dangerous

The HBO host skewered anti-vaxxers and the president in the latest installment of 'Last Week Tonight.'

June 26, 2017 8:40 am
John Oliver on 'Last Week Tonight.' June 25, 2017.
John Oliver on 'Last Week Tonight.' June 25, 2017. (HBO/YouTube)

Amid rising cases of the measles in Minnesota, John Oliver tore into the rise of vaccine skeptics. On Sunday’s Last Week Tonight, he analyzed some of the pieces of misinformation that swirl in the community, and pointing out that President Trump has voiced his support on multiple occasions for “spreading out” vaccinations over time — not delivering them all at once.

“The problem is that it’s the middle ground between sense and nonsense,” Oliver argued. “It’s like saying, ‘It would be crazy to eat that entire bar of soap, so I’ll just eat half of it.’”

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