Creators of ‘Stranger Things’ Say You’re Probably Watching the Show All Wrong

Many TVs use 'motion enhancement' by default, and it's ruining the viewing experience.

September 2, 2017 5:00 am

An automatic TV setting is likely making your viewing of Stranger Things much worse, say the show’s creators.

Many TVs are now shipped with a setting called “motion enhancement” turned on, Mashable reports. This creates more frames in the video footage to “smooth out motion in film.” However, this “enhancement” often has an effect opposite of its intent and, as a result, shows shot on lower -frame-speed film end up looking more like grainy video shot on a smartphone.

Stranger Things creators hate this feature as well, and say that the setting really bothers them. Matt and Ross Duffer explained in an interview with Vulture that they put a lot of effort into their show’s look on screen, but then when they see it on someone else’s TV, “it looks like it was shot on an iPhone.” The effect even happened at the most recent Comic-Con, the show’s creators noted. Ross said that the settings on every single TV on the exhibition’s main floor had motion enhancement turned on, reports Mashable.

So what can you do to avoid this fat, and have a better viewing experience of Stranger Things and your other favorite TV shows? Go to your TV’s setting menu and turn off any and all settings with the word “motion” in them. Then enjoy!

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