The First Graphene Jacket Is Here to Protect You From Rain, Bullets

‘Part coat, part science experiment’

July 20, 2018 9:00 am

Graphene — what can’t it do?

The miracle material is one atom thick but somehow 200 times stronger and four times lighter than steel, and might be a source of clean, unlimited energy.

But outside of headphones and winning its researchers a Nobel Prize, the material really hasn’t caught on commercially. Fortunately, the tech/fashion gurus at Vollebak might change that with their new Graphene Jacket.

Dubbed “part coat, part science experiment,” little info has been released about the jacket, although Vollebak has been touting graphene’s bulletproof capabilities. Still, this is a tech-forward sports gear company that’s released Kevlar hoodies, pitch-black-visible activewear, and relaxation-inducing and solar-charged jackets. If anyone can pull off something cool and useful with graphene, we’re guessing it’ll be this London brand.

Interested in claiming one? Sign up for the waiting list here.

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