The Perfect Shoe for Every Day of the Week

This dapper shoe line has all seven days covered

October 14, 2016 9:00 am

It’s gotta be the shoes.

Like The Dude’s rug, your kicks tie everything together. Probably the most practical part of your outfit, too — you ain’t going anywhere if the shoe’s a bad fit.

Which brings us to Ankari Floruss. Launched this week, this dapper shoe line aims to make your dogs look good every single day of the week.

Literally. They have a range of derbies, monk straps, loafers, sneakers and brogue boots that correspond directly to the seven days of the week.

Ankari Floruss was designed by two great menswear bloggers, Moti Ankari (The Metro Man) and Marcel Floruss (One Dapper Street). Their goal? Great shoes, great prices … and take the thinking out of it.

“Guys are always asking, ‘Where can I find the best boot?’ or ‘Where can I find the best dress lace-up shoe?’ We wanted to design a collection that is edited carefully, not overly designed and offers the essential footwear that guys needs for the entire season,” explains Ankari. “Think of it as a guy’s one-stop-shop for shoes.”

This is premium footwear without the premium prices: every pair is $195-$295, and each of the seven shoes (in assorted colorways) does actually correspond to the seven days of the week: wingtip derbies on Monday, loafers for Friday, etc.

“The simplicity of the concept is what got me involved,” says Floruss. “I had thought about creating a footwear brand that doesn’t offer anything in excess of what you need. All guys have their favorite shoes, their go-to pair, and we wanted to create a whole week’s worth of exactly that. We want our guy to be able to buy any shoe of our collection without any possibility of going wrong.”

Their first collection features seven core styles: a brogue oxford, a Chelsea boot, a brogue boot and a low-top sneaker. All designed in the United States and crafted in Spain.

Is the days of the week thing a bit gimmicky? Only in good ways. The AF guys don’t oversell the concept on the site (e.g., their wingtip suede leather boot is slate for Sundays … simply because you’re “Finishing the week … for the outdoorsy guy”).

So don’t overthink it. And don’t overthink the slang connotations of their “AF” logo.

“It wasn’t intentional,” says Ankari. “It’s our last names … but we are totally going to utilize it. One of our Hashtags for the brand is #dapperAF.”

Friday’s looking better already. Monday, too.

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