The Little Black Tie Book: Destination

All your questions about what to wear to a wedding, answered

By The Editors
April 28, 2017 9:00 am

The Invite Says:


The Invite Says:


Tan Suit by Ovadia & Sons x The Black Tux $110
Cashmere Knit Necktie by Alexander Olch $180 
Ellis Chelsea Boot by Jack Erwin $220 
Spread Collar Dress Shirt by Sid Mashburn $150
Potrero Sunglasses by Raen $185 
Pilot’s Mark XVIII Le Petit Prince Edition by IWC Schaffhausen $3,950

Where’s the tuxedo from?

What kind of wedding can I wear this to?

Any gatherings where women in wide-brimmed hats and men in sunburned heads will be in attendance. So beach weddings. But also any warm-weather celebrations.

Who’s it for?

Men who believe destination weddings call for a relaxed destination suit, and, accordingly, see that as the perfect opportunity to rent. Also: suave wedding crashers.

How do I pack a suit?

A weekender bag that doubles as a garment bag. We’ve covered a few — here’s our favorite.

Most important accessory?

Hands down: sunglasses. Unless you’d like to be squinting in all the wedding photos.

Just how far can I take this “relaxed” dress code?

About as relaxed as a khaki suit allows you to be. Meaning: very relaxed. If you decide to leave the necktie behind (acceptable), give a pocket square a go.

Does that mean I can wear sandals?

No. Not now. Not ever.

So, what shoes should I wear?

Not only are brown Chelsea boots with a khaki suit a straight up power move, they’re also practical. A boot makes it harder for the sand to get in. Plus, they’re easy to slip on and slip off in case of late-night beach carousing.

Can I jump into the ocean, pool or a nearby body of water at the end of the night?

After enough drinks, sure. Dry cleaners exist for a reason. Just make sure you have co-conspirators — it’s OK to be the first man in the water, just don’t be the only man in the water.


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