Take Her Word For It

A Gent’s Guide to Navigating NYC In Style

April 5, 2017 9:00 am

To navigate his city with the highest possible degree of style and panache, a fella could do worse than to seek the counsel of a cool, stylish gal-about-town.

They have, for lack of a more nuanced term, their proverbial sh*t together in a way that many of us menfolk do not.

Which was exactly the thinking behind Take Her Word for It, a new series in which we enlist the urban acumen of trend-minded dames to help curate a list of must-dos for you, our readers.

Today, said assistance comes care of Natalie Suarez: model, style guru and the brains behind the überpopular blog Natalie Off Duty.

Long story short, this gal spends a helluva lot of time navigating the ins and outs of NYC so you don’t have to.

Check the vids below for her full rundown.

Photography by Jesse Untracht-Oakner

Take Her Word For It

Take Her Word For It

Take Her Word For It

Custom photography by Jesse Untracht-Oakner