New Nike Refurbished Program Will Resell Used Sneakers to Customers for a Lower Price

The shoes will be inspected, graded and cleaned before returning to shelves

An orange Nike Swoosh logo on a Nike Factory store
The Swoosh logo seen on a Nike Factory store.
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In a move that should reduce waste and lower the cost of copping a pair of kicks for some customers, Nike announced this week it will start refurbishing sneakers that are returned within 60 days of purchase so they can be resold at a lower price.

The way the Nike Refurbished program will work is fairly simple:

  1. Customers return shoes to Nike.
  2. Nike experts inspect and grade footwear.
  3. Each eligible shoe is cleaned and sanitized.
  4. Refurbished shoes return to stores at a reduced price.

The price of the refurbished shoes will depend on if Nike determines they are “like new” (perfect or near-perfect condition with no sign of wear or flaw), “gently worn” (in great condition with visible light wear or cosmetic flaws) or “cosmetically flawed” (no signs of wear but slightly imperfect).

If a returned pair of sneakers is deemed to be beyond repair, there’s a possibility Nike, which has seen its shares increase 60% in the past year, will donate it via a community partner. If it is determined that a pair is no longer wearable, it’ll be recycled into the brand’s proprietary Nike Grind and used in things like running tracks, carpet padding and rubber flooring for gyms and turf, Forbes reported.

“Nike Refurbished extends the life of eligible products by taking like-new, gently worn, and slightly imperfect kicks, refurbishing them by hand, and offering them to you at select Nike Factory, Nike Unite, and Nike Community stores,” the brand wrote.

Up to 15 U.S. stores will carry Nike Refurbished footwear by the end of April 2021 and the Oregon-based apparel company is looking into expanding the program to markets outside the United States, according to CNBC.

As Nike Refurbished continues to expand into more stores throughout the year, you can find participating locations here.

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