Long Live Harry Styles, King of Fall Fits

The boy band survivor is living proof that hoodie and shorts season is upon us

Harry Styles in a pink hoodie and navy shorts

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Just in case you need another reminder that it’s his world and we’re just living in it, one Harry Styles just pulled off the fit of the fall … in shorts. The pop star was photographed out on the town in NYC on Sunday morning sporting a vivid pink hoodie and some sporty Vuori Kore shorts. It’s a departure from his typical Gucci-muse on-stage style, but a welcome one; it shows us normal folk that Mr. Styles is just like us, albeit a more sexually charged and charismatic version, with physics-defying locks and copious amounts of so-terrible-it’s-hot ink. We’re fans, you understand. 

In his deep generosity, Hazza has all the answers for our fall style quandaries. For instance: can we wear hoodies and shorts in public? Answer: absolutely. Is it okay for men to rock pink? Do you even have to ask? Are accessories the secret spice of life? The tote, man, look at the tote! Seldom does double-time slouch work, but Harry clearly knows that relaxed on relaxed has its place. It’s a fine line between schlubby and a harmonic convergence of slouch, and our typically high-waisted king walks the tightrope immaculately. The shorts are what really make the outfit: just the right length, with plenty of stretch but a chic, performance-based design. Plus, a liner and internal drawcord means comfort and snugness are non-negotiables and fully customizable.

The back of Vuori shorts
The Vuori Kore shorts in question.

The best part about Mr. Style’s sartorial ingenuity? It’s easily achievable. We’ve put together an outfit inspired by the brit’s brunch regalements. Browse our picks below for some serious singer-inspired fall flexes — you can thank us later.

Steal The Look

a pair of navy short

Vuori Kore Short

A plum colored hoodie

Noah Classic Hoodie

a tan and white shoe
New Balance

New Balance 327 Shoe

a light blue hat with the phrase "doing things" scrolled across the top.
Outdoor Voices

Outdoor Voices “Doing Things” Hat

a bright yellow tote bag

Lululemon Side-Cinch Shopper Bag

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