The Fall Style Issue 2016

The six essential menswear items for fall

By Kunal
October 5, 2016 9:00 am



The turning of the leaves. A telltale nip in the air. American youths dutifully preparing to don costumes of sexy nurse and sexy construction worker and sexy Harambe.

These signs can mean only one thing: fall has finally arrived.

And with it our annual Fall Style Issue, bursting at the sartorial seams with the latest and greatest from the world of people-will-stop-you-on-the-street-to-ask-where-you-got-it menswear.

Herewith, we outline the season’s six key items and how to wear them, from the boots that play nice with both suit and leather jacket to a coat so handsome you may elect to keep it on indoors. All dapper, all 100% shoppable.

And as if you needed further incentive, a couple lovely ladies stopped by to show us how the fairer sex does menswear. Spoiler alert: they look better in it than you will.

Read on and get your fall style game firing on all eight. You have my full confidence.

See you out there,

Danny Agnew
Style Director

This year’s Fall Style Issue was shot in Marlborough, New York at the estate of Tara Lordi with the assistance of the lovely Jess Brush. If you’re in the market for drop-dead-gorgeous teak furniture, Tara and her outfit Idlewild Furnishings have you covered. Jess, meanwhile, can keep you well-informed should you choose to shoot up that way this fall (you should) via Visit Vortex, the go-to site for all things Hudson Valley.

That swaggy bike up top came to us from Brooklyn Bicycle Co., crafters of handsome metal steeds that ride like a dream whether you’re in your skivvies or not.

And the glossy six-string you’ll come across later? That’s part of the new collection of stately T-Bucket acoustic-electrics from the fine folks at Fender.


Photographer: Atisha Paulson
Stylist: Lisa Nguyen
Hair & Makeup: Michael Hanz


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