Draymond Green’s Championship Parade Shades Were the Real MVP

Featuring a surprising Celine sighting

A photo of Golden State Warriors Forward Draymond Green wearing sunglasses and a green shirt and holding the 2022 NBA championship trophy
Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

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You just can’t hate the Golden State Warriors. (Unless you are a Boston Celtics fan or LeBron James — then you really, really hate the Golden State Warriors.) The recent NBA champs — who maintain their inexplicable perennial-underdog status despite their dynasty-level success — took to Market Street in downtown San Francisco Monday, celebrating their fourth title win in eight years, with a raucous, adoring crown of thousands; there were water guns, dropped rings and most noticeably, a smattering of sick shades.

Much like their deep shooting and dizzying ball movement, the Dubs’ championship parade sunglasses game was, in a word, elite. A sloshy Klay Thompson (the real one) rocketed around in traditional Klay fashion, sporting a pair of wayfarer sunnies that would’ve made any number of the Kennedy clan green with envy. Breakout star and resident Gen Z guard Jordan Poole was spotted in some very TikTok-friendly forest green frames. Sixth man of the people Gary Payton II wore shades that left us wondering where he parked the Vespa, and Steve Kerr looked like a Matrix extra, minus the leather pants. But the standout was, somewhat surprisingly, Draymond Green’s “fuck ’em” flat-top eyewear.

After some internet sleuthing and deductive reasoning, we’ve comfortably determined that Draymond’s sunnies are these acetate sunglasses, a baller move if we’ve ever seen one. This is not to say that the Warrior’s hustle-and-muscle isn’t already a stellar dresser — we just didn’t expect to see the Hedi Slimane-helmed French label Celine crop up on the Modelo truck. It just goes to show, life is full of surprises…and you should really invest in a pair of sick shades. Whether you have the half-band to blow on designer shades, a statement pair is now required for summer; sorry, losers don’t get to be choosers (the winners, in this case, being the Golden State Warriors).

As your sartorial head coach, we’ve selected a few styles to help you emulate the Warriors and their excellent eyewear. You may not be able to drain threes like Chef Curry (or clock in over 5’9″), but we’ll be damned if your sunglasses can’t shoot with some pro-level swagger. Below, NBA-inspired buzzer-beating shades that will surely win you the summer.

A pair of square 57mm acetate Celine sunglasses on a grey background
The Celine Flat Top Square Sunglasses are a sartorial game-winner.

Celine Flat Top Square Acetate Sunglasses, 57mm

a pair of black polaris akila sunglasses on a grey background
It doesn’t get much more on-trend than Akila’s Polaris Sunglasses.

Akila Polaris Sunglasses

a pair of black sunglasses from Mr. Porter on a grey background
It’s hard to go wrong with a trusty pair of Mr. Porter sunnies.
Mr Porter

Mr. P + Cubitts Judd Square-Frame Acetate Sunglasses

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