CIRCA 1970’s Ingenious Face Oil Helps Celebrities Look Their Best

Backed by 20 years of experience from industry vets, the men’s serum is vegan cure-all for your face

July 29, 2022 11:06 am
A bunch of bottles of Circa 1970 Luxury Face Oil laying flat on a table
It's time you tried a face oil. Specifically, this face oil.
CIRCA 1970

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It’s no secret that we’ve entered into a golden era of grooming. Men, now more than ever, are becoming increasingly invested in how their hair, skin and body look and feel, with the billion-dollar men’s market set to double by 2031. While this is undoubtedly a win for guys everywhere, the increased focus on personal care, coupled with a bevy of DTC brands vying for eyes alongside tried-and-tested staples, can lead to product overload. Do you really need an under-eye roller? Disposable sheet masks? Below-the-waist trimmers?

Face oil is one such product that has taken the skincare world by storm, but should it be in your medicine cabinet alongside your deodorant stick and shaving cream?

While it may seem like a new obsession for the modern man, face oil has actually been around forever. Just ask Amy Komorowski and Barbara Guillaume, founders of CIRCA 1970. Seasoned veterans in the celebrity grooming space, they have been employing the regenerative and rejuvenating benefits of face oils for years, helping clients that range from titans like Neil Patrick Harris and Leonardo DiCaprio to Angus Cloud and Oscar Isaac look their best on the red carpet and on the daily alike.

However, as the partners will tell you, finding the right oil, even in a market saturated with “miracle” thousand-dollar products, is no easy feat.

“We have used it all, we have seen it all, we have used every product you can imagine. While we have some favorites, we struggled to find a face oil that cared for the skin and delivered results while also providing a beautiful, sensorial experience,” Komorowski tells InsideHook, discussing the difficulties of finding something that worked for everyone, herself and Guillaume included. “We wanted something that worked, delivered results and smelled really great. Barbara and I, we set the tone with our clients. We’re the first people they see, so what they smell, what is put on their skin and hair, it all really sets the tone of the day.”

CIRCA 1970, a new product from the duo, was born out of this desire. Developed with over 20 years of shared experience, the small-batch oil heals, nourishes and soothes the skin without irritation. Featuring a bevy of powerful antioxidants and nutrient-rich essential oils, it’s been meticulously designed under expert eyes, incorporating the duo’s wealth of knowledge into a feat of quality skincare genius.

A bottle of CIRCA 1970 Face Oil and cap on a light background
The CIRCA 1970 Face Oil is composed of all-natural ingredients that deliver tangible results.
CIRCA 1970

The secret, or lack thereof, is CIRCA 1970’s less-is-more ingredient list. The “magic elixir,” as the face oil is affectionately referred to, is sourced from all-natural, vegan components like rosehip oil, vitamin E and the “star ingredient,” Bakuchiol oil. As Komorowski explains, “It’s a plant-based alternative to retinol. People are using it because it helps with fine lines, helps build collagen cell turnover, but it doesn’t have any of the [negative] side effects that a more traditional retinol has.”

For those new to face oil, especially men, it can seem antithetical to your skincare goals. “People are always nervous to put on a face oil, especially if they’re not accustomed, because they think it’s going to make their face break out or it’s going make their skin more oily,” says Komorowski, “but it actually has the opposite effect.”

Perhaps it’s helpful to think of the serum as a sort of dermatological apple cider vinegar, a multi-use tool designed to smooth and refresh, retain moisture and clear up bright spots. It hydrates hair and beards, especially when applied post-shower, and carries a painstakingly developed fragrance and generally makes you look and feel like a million bucks — as Komorowski and Guillaume’s docket of A-list clients, and their subsequent red carpet photos, can attest to.

CIRCA 1970 is designed to be user-friendly for the skincare newcomer, with a functional, travel-forward design, easy-to-use pump and a relatively affordable price point, especially amongst a flock of costly competitors. “We know that skincare can get very pricey, so we wanted to keep it attainable for everyone,” says Komorowski.

Available for purchase now at CIRCA 1970, the Luxury Face Oil retails for $110. You can learn more about the ingredients involved here, and follow the label on Instagram here.

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