Review: Alo Yoga’s Aesthetics Are Bar None. The Performance Is Pretty Great, Too.

The LA-based activewear brand has long been know a uniform for influencers. It's so much more.

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Alo Yoga is ultra-popular. How does it hold up?
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Doomscroll GymTok for any amount of time, and you’re bound to see a jacked-up model with impossibly good hair crushing handstand pushups or repping out 400-pound squats without breaking a sweat. It’s a glimpse at peak performance (and camera angles) that we can all aspire to…and more often than not, that pinnacle is kitted out in some Alo Yoga.

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This apparel choice should come as no surprise — after all, the Los Angeles-based activewear brand, founded in 2007, has a decidedly pronounced reputation as the workout garb of choice for the sporty and attractive, a trend dating back to early IG influencer days. The Jobros practically live in Alo. Shawn Mendes has been spotted in a pair of the best-selling shorts. Miami Heat All-Star Jimmy Butler is a brand ambassador and the reason I bought an Alo hat months ago.

Of course, none of these endorsements can fully answer the real question demanded of flattering activewear — is it actually any good for working out? I’ve decided to answer this question the only way I know how: putting Alo Yoga to the test.

a model in alo yoga clothing
We put Alo Yoga through the paces. It held up beautifully.
Alo Yoga

How We Tested:

The testing process was simple: over the course of two weeks, I ran, lifted, posed and Barry’s Bootcamped my way through various workouts, all while rocking Alo Yoga gear I had procured for testing, This included the brand’s best-selling Conquer 1/4 Zip and Triumph Tank, both part of Alo’s performance-inclined offerings, along with the Repetition Shorts and a Warrior Mat (one of Alo’s core yoga staples) for good measure.

What We Liked: Performance Stretch, Surprising Breathability and Influencer-Worthy Looks

After some serious wear testing, I’m happy to report that Alo Yoga passes any performance questions that might have lingered with flying colors. I was pleasantly surprised by the slim fit of the gear, especially the tops — the apparel was appropriately fitted, but not excessively tight, a perfect middle ground of streamlined movement without any sort of overbearing compression. Everything I tested ran true to size, although it’s worth mentioning that Alo indicates sizing proclivity on most product pages, another positive mark for the brand.

Likewise, the fabrics were particularly impressive across the board; spandex-infused garments often run the risk of feeling cheap, but Alo’s sueded material both looked and felt cool to the touch, wicked sweat and generally radiated high-end quality despite retaining the stretch and snap of a poly blend. Everything stayed dry and layered nicely, despite some sweatier HIIT workouts and a particularly tough 6-mile tempo run.

It’s also worth noting that the apparel really does live up to its reputation as model bait. The variety of tonal colors offered are appropriately trend-agnostic, and I’m confident in my assessment that the minimalist and often relaxed cuts should flatter most body types.

a model in alo yoga clothing
Alo Yoga’s gear performs as nicely as it looks.
Alo Yoga

What Stands to Improve: Lack of Expanded Features and Shorter Inseams

I was hard-pressed to come up with things I didn’t love about Alo’s gear; perhaps most notably, the apparel’s lack of bell-and-whistle features beyond the actual integrity of garments springs to mind as a turn-off for the detail-obsessed health nut. There wasn’t much in the way of hidden pockets, visibility markers or laser venting that other activewear often sports, making the all-around Alo apparel less ideal for specific activities like road running.

The other major gripe I had is perhaps a personal one, but let’s be real: it’s a 5″ inseam world. While the brand does offer a few thigh-high styles, the majority of Alo’s shorts clock in at 7″ or 9″ inseams; I fully respect the desire for maximum coverage, but expanding into shorter inseams for more of the brand’s top performance styles (I’m looking at you, Repetition Short) would be a much-appreciated move for shorter kings and short short-forward fellas alike.

The Verdict: Is Alo Yoga Worth It?

I imagine that if producing fitness content for Instagram was my job (luckily, it is not), I’d be consistently reaching for my Alo set, but even as an everyday editor, the athleticwear label has won me over. While owning the premium workout gear is undoubtedly a luxury — and, admittedly, an expense, albeit one comparable to competitors like lululemon — I’ve found it worth every penny. Look good, feel good, as they say. Shop my Alo Yoga workout picks below, or check out the entirety of the brand’s stock here.

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