Will Tiger or Phil Win “The Match” and Why You Should Care

ESPN experts weigh in on the upcoming Black Friday spectacle.

Brady and Manning Will Join Tiger and Phil for Charity Match
\\\Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods at the World Golf Championships in 2018. (Sam Greenwood/Getty)
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On Black Friday in Vegas, Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson will square off in a one-on-one match for all the marbles.

Nine million of ’em.

To watch said match, you’ll need to shell out $20 and stream it online or via your Smart TV. But should you?

ESPN asked a panel of experts including Bob Harig, Michael Collins, and Ian O’Connor that question and also inquired about who would win the match as well as few other queries.

Here’s a portion of what they had to say:

Why watch?

O’Connor: It’s pretty rare in any sport to see a generation’s two defining players go one-on-one in anything. Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers got plenty of people watching their matchup for a reason, and yes, they were playing a game that counted in the standings. But I think most sports fans would watch Brady and Rodgers compete in a big-money skills competition while they were miked up for sound. Many years ago, I would’ve spent $10 to see Bjorn Borg and John McEnroe play an exhibition match at the end of their primes. Just as I’ll spend $20 Friday to watch Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson play an exhibition match at the end of theirs (and I won’t even ask ESPN for reimbursement).

Which other players would you like to see face off?

Collins: Spieth vs. Reed. Call it “The Golden Child vs. The Shunned One.” While Spieth would try to play nice, Reed would be all up in there talking smack until Spieth snapped and went on a curse-filled tirade. You wouldn’t pay $20 for THAT?!

Who will win?

HarigFor all the reasons that Phil is an underdog — lackluster play of late, a resurgent Tiger, etc. — I think he will win. Mickelson loves this challenge, and 18 holes of match play, with banter and side bets and the possibility for some gamesmanship, suits him perfectly. Mickelson has had an entire career of Tuesday practice-round match antics. He is perfectly suited for this type of challenge. While Woods will bring plenty of game, Phil squeaks this one out. 1 up.

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