Undefeated at Colorado, Deion Sanders Says He’s College’s Best Football Coach 

Coach Prime is 3-0 as the coach of the Buffaloes

Deion Sanders coaching the Colorado Buffaloes.
Deion Sanders is 3-0 as the coach of the Colorado Buffaloes.
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Following Saturday night’s double-overtime win over three-TD underdog Colorado State, Colorado Buffaloes coach Deion Sanders apparently has plenty of reasons to feel confident about his skills on the sidelines. Sanders, who is now 3-0 in the Power Five as the coach of the Buffaloes, saw his team come back to win after falling behind by 11 points in the fourth quarter and is now 27-7 as a college football coach. (Prior to coaching at Colorado, Sanders was at Jackson State.)

A Hall-of-Fame player, Sanders was not shy about how he views himself and his coaching prowess in an interview that aired on 60 Minutes on Sunday night. Asked who he thinks is the best coach in college football, Sanders didn’t hesitate.

“Let me see,” Sanders said. “Let me see a mirror so I can look at it. What, you think I’m gonna sit up here and tell you somebody else? You think, you think that’s the way I operate? That somebody else got that on me?”

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The only player to ever play in both the Super Bowl and the World Series, Sanders played 14 seasons in the NFL for five teams and nine years in MLB for four different teams. He’s been around his fair share of winners and, somewhat surprisingly given their feud, he shouted out Alabama coach Nick Saban, who has won seven national championships as a college coach, as one of the best.

“I love and I adore and I respect and every time I do a commercial with coach Saban, it’s a gift,” Sanders said. “Just sitting in his presence and hearing him and – and throwing something else out there so I can hear his viewpoint on it. Because he’s forgotten more things than I may ever accomplish. So I’m a student looking up to this wonderful teacher saying, ‘Just – just – just throw me a crumb of what you know.’”

The truth about Coach Prime’s ability to guide his team to wins may be revealed in the next two weeks as the Buffaloes will visit 10th-ranked Oregon (3-0) next weekend before facing Caleb Williams and fifth-ranked USC (3-0) in Boulder. If Sanders and the Buffaloes are still undefeated after playing Oregon and USC, he probably actually is the best college football coach in America. He also won’t be afraid to say it.

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