Watch Tom Brady Fight (Badly) Against Sumo Wrestlers in Japan

In an off-season trip, the Patriots quarterback and his son visit a sumo training facility.

Tom Brady Faces Sumo Wrestler in Japan
(Tom Brady/Instagram)

Was Tom Brady playing through a concussion last year? Maybe. And well, we already know the guy has superhuman abilities and an insane diet to boot. Plus, there are all those Super Bowl rings.

But what about his chances in a ring with a sweaty, super-strong sumo wrestler? Brady got a try that out on a recent trip to Japan. It went about as well as you would expect.

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The kid sitting next to him? His son, whom he feeds the Tom Brady Diet to. In what we can only gather is revenge for subjecting him to said diet, Brady fought Brady in the ring. (Sadly, there is no video footage of that.)

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Watch the video above.

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