Tom Brady Explains Why He is as Sharp as Ever

Brady thinks that his lifestyle principles can work for almost anybody.

Tom Brady of the New England Patriots throws during the second quarter of a game against the Los Angeles Chargers. (Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)
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In Tom Brady’s book, The TB12 Method, he implies that his lifestyle principals can work for just about anybody. His go-to term is “pliability,” which means that his muscles, are “long, loose, and primed to fire,” reports USA TodayThis terminology, and mindset, is the result of a holistic training approach that Brady and his body coach, Alex Guerrero have created.

“The reality for me is that without pliability, there is no alternative,” the 40-year-old NFL MVP told USA Today. 

Brady’s regime includes disciplined nutrition, as well as the mindset of “what you put in, is what you get out.” He currently leads the NFL in passing attempts, completions, and yards, and he and the Patriots are gearing up for another potential Super Bowl run.

According to USA Today, Brady emphasizes that he joined the NFL as a sixth-round pick who was the seventh quarterback drafted in 2000. But now, he’s got five Super Bowl rings. The Patriots are so confident that he’s sticking around, they traded Jimmy Garoppolo, his backup and potential heir apparent, to the 49ers two weeks ago, reports USA Today. 

His philosophy started to evolve years ago, when he noticed he needed to take more personal responsibility for his long-term health. He didn’t like the traditional methods of strength and aerobic conditioning, so started focusing on pliability. The turning point was in 2004 when he had such intense elbow pain he was having trouble throwing during training camp. Icing and resting it didn’t help, but pliability solved it. So he applied the approach to other areas of his body.

Brady hasn’t missed a game due to injury since hurting his knee in 2008. But he’s not the first 40-year-old to rock the field. Darrell Green ran the 40 in 4.4 seconds after turning 40, while Emmitt Smith lasted 15 NFL seasons as running back.

Brady himself isn’t sure how long it can last, but told USA Today, “I guess it’s hard to imagine anything different. I feel so good.”

Listen to USA Today’s interview with Brady above.

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