Tiger Woods Weighs in on LeBron vs. Jordan GOAT Debate

One of golf's all-time greats weighs in on basketball's great question.

Golfer Tiger Woods
Tiger Woods of the United States tees off on the 7th hole during the first round of the Omega Dubai Desert Classic at Emirates Golf Club in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. (Francois Nel/Getty Images)
Getty Images

On Tuesday, one of golf’s all-time greats weighed in on the greatest question facing basketball fans right now: is Michael Jordan or LeBron James the GOAT?

Woods, who knows a thing or two about being the best of the best, at first tiptoed around the edge of the question by praising both players and bringing up NHL legend Wayne Gretzky.

“Being great is doing something that no one can do, but also what separates those people, the ones you mentioned like LeBron, or like what I’m thinking with M.J. or Gretzky, it’s just the duration, being able to do it not just for one year or one game or a little spell, they’re able to do it for a number of years, and accumulate highlights that we will always look at,” Woods said at a press conference at the 2018 Players Championship at TPC Sawgrass in Florida. “They’re peppered in our memories.”

But, though he never answered directly, Woods final response will make traditionalists cringe.

“What LeBron has done for, what, 15 seasons now is just remarkable because it’s that type of longevity, and to be able to be up for that long a period of time, and to be able to adjust, as well, because we all know as we age that we’re not going to be as athletic as we used to be, and so we have to do it different ways,” he said. “And to be fluid and adjust and still be that talented and that good, and hats off to not just LeBron but the people I just named.”

Here’s Tiger giving his full answer:

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