The Best Teams of the NFL Who Didn’t Win the Super Bowl

These are the teams that dominated the regular season but couldn’t close the deal.

NFL Chaos
Baltimore Ravens running back Alex Collins (34) in action against Indianapolis Colts outside linebacker Barkevious Mingo (52) and nose tackle Al Woods (99).(Mark Goldman/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

There are plenty of teams in the NFL that dominate during the regular season but then can’t close the deal when it comes time to play in the Super Bowl. NFL Nation put together a list of the best losers of the league. Ratings are based on actual scores from all games that season for the teams, including postseason games, and ratings represent the degree which each team is better or worse than the league average that season. The thing that matters most is who you beat and you beat you, and by how much, and how good that opponent was based on their rating.

In all NFL history, the best team to reach the Super Bowl and not win in the 1968 Colts. The team was 12.82 points better than the average team in 1968 and went 13-1 in the regular season.

Other teams on the list include the Buffalo Bills in 1990, which was the first of four consecutive defeats in Super Bowls, the Eagles in 2001, the first of four consecutive NFC appearances and when they were a team on the rise under Andy Reid, and the Chicago Bears in 2006, when they were 5.9 points better than the average team and went to the Super Bowl for just the second time in franchise history.

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