Here’s What the Average Professional Athlete Looks Like

A Reddit user combined photographs of hundred of pro athletes to show a 'typical look' for each sport.

Athletes faces
Combined faces of top 500 professional golfers (osmutiar/reddit)

If you have ever sat around thinking, “Wow, I wonder what similar characteristics pro athletes have, I wish I had a compilation of all their faces,” Reddit user osmutiar has the answer for you.

Osmutiar gathered datasets of photographs of top-class athletes and created algorithms that “draw” the average face, reports BoredPanda

By doing this, writes BoredPanda, he was able to create the “typical look” of top male tennis players, female and male football players, professional golfers, and NBA stars.

According to BoredPanda, he explained the process by asking them to imagine you have sets of images for all professional golfers. But the images have holes punch on their eyes and mouth.

“Now you are asked to place those pictures like stacking dominos on the floor so that you can align holes on all of the pictures. How will you do it? Analogous to what you’d probably do is the Affine Transform in image processing. After aligning images, it is basically just the average value of each pixel,” he said, according to BoredPanda.

Check out some of the images below.

Combined faces of top 225 NBA players (osmutiar/reddit)
Combined faces of top 500 professional golfers (osmutiar/reddit)
Combined faces of top 500 soccer players (osmutiar/reddit)
Combined faces of top 130 women soccer players (osmutiar/reddit)
Combined faces for top 102 tennis players (osmutiar/reddit)
Combined faces of top 1200 NHL players (osmutiar/reddit)

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