Report: NFL Pressures Arbitrator to Rule in Colin Kaepernick Collusion Case

The league is seeking a summary judgment in its favor to end the case.

After 14 depositions, the NFL is reportedly already asking arbitrator Stephen Burbank to issue a ruling in the collusion case brought forward by former 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

The league, feeling not enough “sufficient evidence” has been brought forward to justify continuing the case, is seeking a summary judgment in its favor, according to Yahoo Sports.

Now, it’s up to Burbank to decide whether Kaepernick’s attorneys have brought forth enough proof to require a hearing. If he feels they haven’t, he can dismiss the case in the NFL’s favor.

Should Burbank rule for the NFL, that would likely dismiss the possibility of President Donald Trump or others in his administration being subpoenaed to testify in Kaepernick’s case.

“In no uncertain terms, the request is the most pivotal moment in the nearly nine months of discovery and depositions between the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback and the NFL,” according to Yahoo. “With the league’s request for summary judgment, Kaepernick’s legal team will now have to file an argument with discovery or deposition material that supports the case continuing.”

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