These Hurricane Windsurfers Are Alarmingly Stupid but Very Fun to Watch

Extreme weather + wind surfboards = a harrowing spectacle

By The Editors
October 25, 2016 9:00 am

When the wind gusts up to 63 MPH, most of us would treat that as ideal Netflix-surfing weather.

But the dudes who compete in the Red Bull Storm Chase contest aren’t like most of us. They would rather forgo the pleasure of binge-watching and treat the onset of Force 10 winds as ideal windsurfing weather.

The waiting period for the 2017 version of the annual event kicks off January 9th and will extend until the strongest storm of the winter hits the Northern Hemisphere and the contest can go on. The two-day contest is “restricted to neither time nor place” and “only happens when a suitable storm develops, with enough advance warning for the riders and crew to get to safe location.”

Once the contest begins, judges will grade eight surfers —  four finalists from last year’s contest and four newbies — on the height, style and creativity of their tricks and on the waves they ride.

If you don’t have any plans for January but do have balance, they’re still taking applications.

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