They Say It’s the Only ‘Real’ Bruce Lee Fight Ever Recorded

School of hard knocks, son

By The Editors
June 14, 2017 9:00 am

During the course of his tutelage under Bruce Lee’s watchful eyes, Ted Wong became the late martial arts master’s confidant, friend and, a new video seems to show, personal punching bag.

Uploaded to the Bruce Lee Central YouTube Channel, the poster claims the video shows Wong and Lee duking it out during a sparring match that took place five decades ago and also says it was the only time a “real” Lee fight was caught on tape. 

Since they are clearly wearing protective gear, we don’t know how “real” we’d actually consider the bout, but there’s no arguing that the moves both fighters put on display are legit as all hell. 

Wong, who passed away in 2010, began training with Lee in 1967 and was so devoted both to his studies and his teacher that many consider him to be “the foremost authority on Bruce Lee’s art,” according to Black Belt Magazine.

After watching the video, we also consider him to be the foremost authority on Bruce Lee’s fist.

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