Is a Pirated Streaming Service the Best Way to Watch the NBA?

Inside the growing popularity of HeheStreams

live streaming NBA on a tablet
Why is it easier to stream pirated sports?
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The galaxy of streaming services presently available is an ever-shifting one, and that’s especially true when it comes to sports. Earlier this year came the news that NBC was planning to shutter its dedicated sports service in favor of more sports on Peacock, for instance. Finding the service showing games from your team of choice isn’t always easy, especially when you factor in local blackouts. The likelihood of Amazon becoming a player in the streaming sports space is likely to further complicate matters.

This may be why a growing number of sports fans are turning to a solution that isn’t strictly legal. At The Verge, Luke Winkie explored the rise of HeheStreams, described as “basketball heaven, presented in glistening HD, at a significant discount compared to what the NBA itself is selling.”

And it’s not just the NBA that you’ll find there. The service also includes games from the NFL, NHL and MLB in the same quality you’d expect from the leagues’ own streaming options. The service itself has been around since 2016, and the anonymous figure behind it began charging a fee in 2018.

“I reverse-engineer the official services and give you their platform,” the service’s founder, who requested anonymity, explained.

While it’s not the founder’s day job, keeping HeheStreams running does sound like enough work to replace it. Winkie describes it as “a full-on coast-to-coast sports network, atomized down to a single person.” Legal or not, it’s not hard to see why this service has found a dedicated audience.

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