NFL Seeks Millions from Jerry Jones as Reimbursement for Legal Fees

The league is demanding about $2 million from the Dallas Cowboys owner.

Jerry Jones
Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
Getty Images

The NFL is demanding reimbursement more than $2 million from Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones for court costs related to the Cowboys’ star running back Ezekiel Elliott’s suspension and Jones’ threatened litigation over commissioner Roger Goodell’s contract. The league’s owners are citing a rule that has been around for more than 20 years. The rule says if an owner participates in bringing litigation against other owners, he must reimburse them for the legal fees. The league will order Jones to pay all fees that the compensation committee incurred while legally defending itself from Jones’ threats to sue over the extension of Goodell’s contract. The Cowboys did not follow through on that suit. Jones will also have to compensate the NFL for all legal fees spent defending the Elliott suspension. This action was generated by fellow owners, not Goodell. It has been approved by the league’s finance committee. In 2017, Jones was a vocal advocate of delaying a contract extension for Goodell and proposed on Dec. 1 to implement a six-month moratorium on finalizing the deal. Jones also threatened to sue the league if the compensation committee approved Goodell’s extension. The Cowboys owner was also very critical of Elliott’s suspension.

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