New Football Helmet Offers 360-degree Video Views of the Gridiron

Orbi's prototype football helmet is currently being showcased at CES 2019 in Las Vegas.

The prototype helmet from Orbi. (Orbi)
The prototype helmet from Orbi. (Orbi)

Currently on display at  CES 2019 in Las Vegas, a new prototype football helmet has the potential to offer views of what it’s like to step onto the gridiron.

Equipped with a quartet of integrated cameras, Orbi’s prototype helmet is capable of recording 360-degree videos that offer a players’ perspective of what is happening on the field.

In addition to offering allowing fans to glimpse the footage, helmets can also be used for analysis and safety improvements when paired with artificial intelligence software.

Also, to help measure the severity of any shot to the head, the helmets also have a nine-axis inertial measurement unit built in. If the unit measures an impact which is too forceful, it can alert the coach or team doctor about the situation via a notification.

By using the data as well as the video, health professionals can attempt to diagnose any problems a player might have with his health.

In addition to helping players, the helmets can also help coaches by allowing them to review plays from the perspectives of their players.

Here’s a little look under the helmet with one of the prototype models:

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