Portland Trail Blazers Welcome ‘Cash Considerations’ to the Team

After player-for-money deal, team's social media joke goes viral.

Portland Trail Blazers Win Internet With 'Cash Considerations' Tweet
(Portland Trail Blazers/Twitter)

Don’t you love it when your favorite pro sports teams actually have a sense of humor? As ESPN reported, in the wake of the NBA Draft, the Portland Trail Blazers ended up sending guard Tim Quarterman to the Houston Rockets for “cash considerations.” In response, Portland tweeted this out last night:

They followed up the social “welcome mat” to their new “player” by holding a mock press conference for the sack full of money, who said, “This trade is a blessing. I’m ready to grind, Rip City. I think I can make an immediate impact out on the floor.”

The Memphis Grizzlies social media team joined in in the fun.

As did popular pro sports statistics company, Basketball Reference, which gave “Cash Considerations” his own mock page.

Even Major League Baseball’s Colorado Rockies chimed in—less about the joke and more the Trail Blazer’s social strategy.

Then the NBA’s Atlanta Hawks got involved.

All told, the Trail Blazers’ initial tweet has racked up over 18,000 retweets and 38,000 likes. How about that for viral?

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