This Nocturnal Mountain Biker Has No Regard for Human Life

Anything's a night sport when you have an LED drone caddy

By The Editors
May 24, 2017 9:00 am

Downhill mountain-biking champ Loïc Bruni has excellent night vision, and it has nothing to do with carrots.

Nope, what helped the 2015 DH World Champion and current UCI World Champ successfully complete a series of challenging early-morning downhill runs in Mandelieu-la-Napoule, France, was something even more modern: an LED-equipped drone. Shot over the course of three nights for Red Bull, the stunt also utilized a camera-equipped drone, which makes the finished product that much more impressive.

“With the movement of the drone and the trees it made enormous shadows moving fast enough on the ground,” Bruni said afterward. “So all my landmarks were disturbed. I know the track by heart, but with these shadows I was surprised while riding; I no longer recognized anything.”

A physical challenge for Bruni and a technical challenge for the film crew, the video is a small example of the sorts of events that drones are making increasingly easier to capture on film — much less execute at all.

And here we’ve been using the moonlight.

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