Ex-NHL Star Eric Lindros Campaigns for Concussion Awareness

Lindros calls for better education and gentler play in professional hockey

One of the toughest hockey players in NHL history is advocating to make the game gentler.

In his retirement, former Philadelphia Flyers center Eric Lindros has become an unlikely campaigner for greater concussion awareness in the NHL, even if it means taking away some of the sport’s edge.

Lindros, a 6’4″ powerhouse whose roughhouse style intimidated opponents for years, retired in 2007 due to concussion damage that not only impacted his life and health, but depleted his love of the game. Based on this, and his observations of what concussions did to so many of his peers, Lindros has taken to advocacy with an unexpected enthusiasm.

He is an outspoken supporter of Rowan’s Law, a list of 49 recommendations to improve the treatment of head injuries in sports. He also works with concussion education organization See the Line and helps raise money for the Concussion Project. Less officially, he calls for improved standards for brain care and better education on the subject for coaches.

The irony of a guy who spent his career terrifying his opponents now calling for a less violent game is not lost on Lindros, but he doesn’t care. “Let’s do better,” he told Sports Illustrated. “We’re not asking the world of people. We’re just asking for solidarity.”

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