How El Salvador Became a New Surfing Hotspot

Surf City's in the spotlight

Surfers in El Salvador.
Eduardo Iraheta/Unsplash

For some surfers, finding the perfect spot to ride the waves is a global concern. For some, the perfect destination might be a short drive away; for others, the process might involve flying to another country — or another continent. Depending on the resources you have available to you, that might be a challenge — or it might allow you to rack up more frequent flyer miles than you know what to do with.

The latest country to emerge as a prime destination for surfers is El Salvador. Writing at the Los Angeles Times, Kevin Baxter explored the nation’s ascendancy in the surfing world. That El Salvador is presently hosting the last round of Olympic qualifiers is but one sign of its growing popularity among the sport’s faithful.

Baxter points to one particular stretch of beach as having an especially notable draw. This is the region known as Surf City. Baxter writes that “[a]t the center of those 13 miles are La Bocana and El Sunzal, two top surfing spots known collectively as El Tunco after the distinctive volcanic rocks just a few feet off the beach.”

A distinctive landscape and excellent waves? It’s hard to argue with that. The nation’s government has also been involved in raising the profile of Surf City, a process that’s included 5 years of work. It’s an understandable way bring international attention to the country — and hopefully benefit local businesses as well. For now, El Salvador has its moment in the spotlight — and plenty of dedicated surfers eager to see where the waves take them.

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