How the Eagles Win the Super Bowl: Fletcher Cox and a Deep Defensive Line

The formula for beating the Patriots hasn't changed, but can the Eagles keep it up for 60 minutes?

super bowl
Fletcher Cox #91 of the Philadelphia Eagles. (Abbie Parr/Getty Images)

When Super Bowl LII rolls around, most Philly fans will be watching quarterback Nick Foles to see if he can recreate his NFC championship magic to lead the underdog team to an upset victory. But it’s not a surprise that the Eagles are at the Super Bowl, and it’s not just because of Foles. They’ve been one of the league’s most balanced teams all year long and the secret to them pulling off a Super Bowl win is their defense, led by All-Pro defense tackle Fletcher Cox. The team boasts the deepest pass-rush group in the NFL, and they’re set to do something few teams in the league can do: Bring the pressure for 60 game minutes. The way to beat the Patriots, if there is one, is to put consistent pressure with just four pass rushers while dropping seven into coverage, sticking to opposing pass catcher like glue and hoping for a mistake, writes The Ringer. Brady is historically unstoppable against teams that blitz and he’s quick at reading a defense and processing where his outlet option will be that sending an extra linebacker or safety in for a blitz is just giving Brady the gift of one fewer defender to have to worry about downfield. Because of Cox on the inside and Brandon Graham rushing off the edge, the Eagles have one of the most unblockable pass-rushing duos in the league. The Eagles know what they need to do — as Cox said Sunday, “If we’ve got to blitz, we’ve got a problem,” according to The Ringer — so let’s see if they can get it done.

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