A Dolphins Fan Who Went Viral on Social Media Was Just an AI Creation

Sports Twitter gets fooled by an AI model named Hailey Lopez

A screenshot of the account of Hailey Lopez, an AI-generated Dolphins fan
Unlike the Dolphins passing attack, she's not real
Screenshot/Hailey Lopez Instagram

An NFL fan who made waves on social media this weekend seemingly for her attire has now attracted attention for an unusual reason: She’s not real, but a creation of artificial intelligence.

Per The Spun, an X/Twitter user under the moniker @Hailey_Lopezxo received over 100,000 likes for posing in a cleavage-baring outfit at Miami’s Hard Rock Stadium.

At first glance, everything seems a little too posed. And everything about “Hailey” seems a little off and polished — my first thought (had I not known this was AI-generated) would have been that she had been heavily Photoshopped and filtered. Also, her generic “Go Dolphins” post lacks any sort of personality — as do her other social media posts.

There’s nothing initially about Hailey’s profile that suggests she’s fake. She’s listed as 22, a “Miami girl” and her bio suggests following her on Instagram (where you’ll also find a link to her PayPal where you can “support” her). But scrolling through her various social media profiles, her figure begins to look even more unrealistic than the recent stadium pic, particularly in shots that don’t have a lot of shadows (even in video, where very slight glitches occur).

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The full scope of the project is unclear

While some people didn’t seem to get the idea that Hailey wasn’t real (and more than a few sad users replied “I don’t care”) there was plenty of pushback from Internet sleuths who understand that real women don’t look like this without either a lot of filtering help or, well, a computer creating them.

There’s a longer debate here on whether social media platforms (or advertisers) should require users to post if something is AI-generated — but it’s occasionally fun to just dunk on Sports Twitter. Anyway, the actual Dolphins seem to be legit this year.

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