Boxing Trainer Isn’t Down For Count Following Wife’s Plot to Murder Him

How Ramon Sosa survived is the subject of an upcoming "E:60" episode on ESPN.

Boxing trainer Ramon Sosa seen in the ESPN documentary "Dead Man Walking." (ESPN/E:60)
Boxing trainer Ramon Sosa seen in the ESPN documentary "Dead Man Walking." (ESPN/E:60)

In 2015, Houston-area boxing trainer Ramon Sosa’s wife Maria hatched a plot to have him killed.

It’s 2018 and Ramon is still standing – and a new E:60 episode on ESPN details the compelling story why that’s the case.

The story has lots of nuances, but basically, Maria, who was also known as Lulu, wanted to take everything in a divorce from Ramon and, when he wouldn’t consent, she began to consider other options.

One of those options was hiring someone to kill him, which she tried to do by posing the idea to one of Ramon’s best friends. However, she misjudged the friend’s loyalty as he told Ramon instead of finding someone to do the deed.

What followed was a series of events that involved burner phones, invented gang members, and even staged murder photos appearing to show Ramon dead from a gunshot to the head.

The end result was Maria getting 20 years in prison after she pleaded guilty to solicitation of her husband’s murder.

An E:60 episode about the case will air on ESPN on Sunday. Here’s a preview:

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