First Date With: Ivy Miller

Do: Take her surfing. Don't: Puke on her. Ever.

By The Editors
September 27, 2016 9:00 am

For this edition of First Date With, we link up with model and surfer Ivy Miller to chat about being the queen of worst dates, the best surfing spot in the world and how many dates should pass before safe to propose a Netflix and Chill. Be sure to follow her on Instagram; in addition to being easy on the eyes, she’s a free spirit with a great sense of humor.

Name: Ivy Miller

Instagram: @ivuss

Hometown: Encinitas, California

And now you live in … All over, living the traveling lifestyle at the moment

The best place to meet someone in Encinitas … Good on Ya or Lofty, they are my favorite coffee shops in Encinitas.

How long she’s been surfing … 13 years now!

Favorite surfing destination: Central Mexico, it’s the dreamland for surfing, no crowds and perfect waves. Always.

Tell us about the worst date you’ve ever been on.
I could go on for days; I am the queen of worst first dates. Junior year, I finally asked this guy to go to Formal with me (girls ask guys) and he said Yes. It was the nicest I had looked at that point in my life and the guy drank way too much. We got on a party bus and were dancing and he throws up on my face and down my nice new dress. After that he KO’d, and I went to check on him, sat him up and asked, “Hey bud are you alive?” He threw up on me again. So after I tried to bathe myself in the bus sink I went to the front to exit, and see my friend Vlad driving the bus with a bottle of Jack Daniels in one hand and a spliff in the other. I said, “Vlad where is the bus driver?” and he gestures backwards and I see the bus driver getting a lap dance from one of the girls. When my parents picked me up, I was covered in puke, sober and hating high school.

What’s a fail-safe first-date conversation topic?
Surfing, brah.

Drinks, dinner or neither on the first date?
Neither. Do an outdoor activity your first date. That way if it’s totally awful, you can escape. Surfing is perfect because you can say, “Meetcha out there!!” You don’t have to deal with being on their time or dime … and if you fail to show up you can simply say, “Whaaa? I was out there! I didn’t see you anywhere, you must have gone to a different beach … Next time!”

What about an art gallery or museum?
Yeah, rad, I’m down! I went on a date to see James Turrell at LACMA in L.A. His work consists of these really cool portals with crazy lights that create stunning illusions. I loved it!

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How many dates before I can propose a Netflix and Chill?
If you’re friends before, it’s a great way to take that relationship to the next level. If you just met I’d say a good 2-3 first playdates? Or whenever the girl wants to …

Yay or nay …

Kiss on the first date? Na.
Sleepover? Yah.
Would you date a Trump supporter? Yah.
Shirtless photos on my Tinder? Na … to dating apps.
Zipper or button fly? Button, I guess.
Guys with kids? Na, I’m good.
Text or call? Call a bitch.

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