The Holiday Survival Guide

December 2, 2013 9:00 am

The holidays are here and everyone’s freaking out — as if we’re all storming something more terrifying than the beaches of our own gluttony.

No, we’re storming the mall. And the liquor aisle. And the in-laws’.

To ensure you negotiate each with aplomb – or at least with a stiff drink – we present this: the first ever InsideHook Holiday Survival Guide Planner Book Thing (with gifts!).

Married with kids? Bachelor returning to the hearth? No matter, my nog-swilling brethren, the tips inside will help. A glimpse:

  • Rules for Running the Office Holiday Party
  • How to Navigate Someone Else’s Family
  • Your Ten-Minute Amazon Prime Shopping Guide

It’s all in there.

Now, that said, we realize the holidays aren’t for everyone.

Just ask my mother, who – as if she had lost an election to vote Christmas out of office – is leaving the country this year for Mexico.

So we’ve also included a few tips about where to travel (aside from the bar) this season. You’re welcome.

Now get out there.

Happy holidays, all ye mensches, princes and Father Christmases,

Steve Bryant
Executive Editor

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