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The Gentleman's Handbook

Vol. VII: So you're getting hitched ...

  • 04 May 2015

Dust off the tuxes and cummberbunds, gents.

Hitching season is upon us.

Last year we told you everything you need to know about being on your best behavior at other people’s weddings.

This year we’re turning the tables:

Presenting the Gentleman’s Handbook, Vol. VII: So You're Getting Hitched.

Whether you’re married, planning on it, or just want to be able to dish out sound advice to your betrothed brethren, we’ve got some things for you to consider.


  • How to ask for her hand when you haven’t a clue
  • More than you probably ever wanted to know about vintage rings
  • A comprehensive guide to wedding traditions you should/shouldn’t abide by
  • Three tuxes that’ll drop every jaw in the place

And much more, including the one song we better not hear at your — or anyone else’s — reception.

Enjoy the guide. We’ll meet you at the open bar.

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