Hone Survivor

January 17, 2014 9:00 am

Most important part of any great story: surviving to tell it.

Thus CORE, the new survivalist training program firing up at Triple Aught Design’s Dogpatch Base, taking sign-ups now.

The first courses on offer:

Disaster First Aid, a two-day program led by the field medics of Ready SF and packed with everything you’ll need to MacGuyver splints and patch earthquake injuries to above Red Cross spec.

But if Bourne’s more your speed, look no further than CORE’s intense, three-day Art of Escape.

This baby’s fully-loaded with action movie staples like lock-picking, escaping handcuffs, scavenging for food, slipping a tail, improvising weapons and forging IDs.

The first public course taught by the private security experts of Rift Recon, AoE is training typically reserved for high-value targets of international corporate espionage.

Like, you know, princes.

So study up and maybe you’ll live to tell the tale of how you survived the Dogpatch.

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