Cheap Eats From Top Chefs

Where Michelin-starred chefs eat — for next to nothing

December 18, 2017 9:00 am

It’s easy to figure out where to splurge. (Atelier Crenn!)

What’s harder: Figuring out where to eat on a budget. In San Francisco.

So we asked people who’d know: five of our cities Michelin Star-decorated chefs.

Their answers (“Filet-O-Fish!”) may surprise you.

Chef: Melissa Perello

Her places: Octavia and Frances

Her rec: “Any of the salads from Souvla. They are all consistently great. They’re also healthy, hearty, substantial and quick. Their salads also hold up in the fridge if I don’t feel like eating the whole thing right away. It helps me stave off the carb cravings, like breads.”

Chef: Srijith Gopinathan

His place: Campton Place

His rec: “The fried fish sandwich at Cafe Bunn Mi. Simple, easy to eat, flavor explosion.”

Chef: David Barzelay

His place: Lazy Bear and the upcoming drinks lab True Laurel (opening 12/22 at 753 Alabama, no website yet)

His rec: “I love McDonald’s. I really do. I usually get Chicken McNuggets and fries, and sometimes add a Filet-O-Fish. Everything gets dunked in that delicious McDonald’s barbecue sauce.”

Chef: Aaron London

His place: Al’s Place

His rec: Nopalito is the perfect lunch spot: lots of tasty Mexican food made from great produce. I pretty much always get the totopos and fish tacos.”

Chef: Nicolas Delaroque

His place: Nico (in transition)

His rec: Waffle Mania. “I always get just the standard waffle with powdered sugar.”


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