A Two-Star Michelin Chef on His Four Favorite Meals in SF

When Srijith Gopinathan speaks, we listen

July 8, 2016 9:00 am

Give us a day, we’re going to eat at least four times: breakfast, lunch, snacks, drinks, dinner.

Four meals, four choices. Left to our own devices, we’re going to stagnate (looking at you, kale salad at Lólo). Instead, why not make each one of them superlative?

So we talked to a guy who knows: Srijith Gopinathan of Campton Place — at the moment, he’s the only Indian two-star Michelin chef in the country.

Here, he lays out a top-flight tour of S.F.’s top eats.

Breakfast: Eats on Clement
Meal choice: Huevos rancheros

“They have a very lively presentation — it wakes me up on a Sunday morning. There’s a spice kick, and best of all, I can walk to it with my family.”

Lunch: King’s Thai
Meal choice: Thai coconut soup with shrimp

“It’s so close to the flavor profile of some of the dishes I grew up eating in south India.”

TeaJapanese Tea Garden
Meal choice: Genmaicha tea

“This tea is very interesting — the roasted rice flavor makes the tea stand out. It’s a unique combination that inspired me to create a dessert at Campton Place, which is in the pipeline.”

Dinner: Stone’s Throw
Meal choice: Puffed potatoes and peanut butter and jelly doughnut

“I love what Jason [Kirmse] does with his cuisine — it’s very honest and down to earth.”


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