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Babe Watch

The Bambino’s historic timepiece, up for sale

  • 03 February 2014

Well gents, it’s a wrap. The Seahawks are riding a champagne-powered airliner back to #f*ckyeahville, and we’re faced with exactly seven months and one day (we counted) of pigskin-less doldrums.

Time to gear up for baseball season. So ... wanna buy Babe Ruth’s watch?

You can, along with a load of other leather-mitted memorabilia, at the Sports Collectibles Platinum Night Auction, taking place online now.

The engraved pentagonal Gruen Verithin was a gift to The Babe after the Yanks’ first World Series win in 1923, the culmination of a heated Big Apple rivalry with the Giants upon which Arnold Rothstein once extended his criminal influence.

Passed by Ruth to a friend in his dying days, the watch made its way, Pulp Fiction-like, through a series of owners to its current (non-rectal) position on the charity auction block.

Alongside it: a museum’s worth of sporting relics, from Joe DiMaggio’s jersey to the gloves Ali wore in his first bout with Liston to the bat shard famously flung by Roger Clemens at Mike Piazza in the 2000 World Series.

In other words: more than enough to keep you occupied till September.

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