Introducing Rob Lowe

By The Editors
April 2, 2013 9:00 am

Kids, wife, job. 

A veritable Bermuda Triangle, these vertices of a man’s life. Within those boundaries, your free time disappears.

Rob Lowe knows that fact well. That’s why the Parks and Rec show-stealer, Californication swami and (never forget) Wayne’s World villian is now a partner and curator for InsideHook. 

“And that means I’m in a wetsuit again,” deadpans the 49-year-old actor, who rarely misses a day of surfing. “What Matthew McConaughey is to bare chests, I am to wetsuits.”

Not that he’s complaining. Lowe’s in the wetsuit for his first flight on the Jetlev, a water-propelled jetpack inspired by the James Bond film Thunderball. (Watch Rob fly, and see the Jetlev in action, right here.)

“The reason I wanted to join up with InsideHook and help them curate is I’m busy,” Lowe said. “I’ve got kids that take up a lot of my time; a wife, my job – like so many other guys. And to have a lifestyle concierge service that tells you things you might not otherwise know about? It’s just a great thing for me.”

And so we strapped Rob Lowe into a jetpack. Then we turned that baby on.

To see Rob go full Thunderballwatch the video.

And stay tuned to our Los Angeles edition, where Rob Lowe will curate his favorite LA experiences.


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