Five Ways to Improve Office Morale, Delivered

Happiness means business

By The Editors

How to Red Line Office Morale this Year
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08 January 2016

Ping-pong tables. Ice cream machines. Juice bars. Puppies.

If startup culture has taught corporate America one thing, it’s that theme park-level perks — not money — can buy a prospective employee’s happiness.

Now, we can’t all be Googlers. But we can take measures to make the office a happier place.

So here are seven services — from sharing some oms to a rent-a-bartender club to a hangover doctor on call — that’ll stop by the office and lift some spirits.

It ain’t scuba lessons, but you’ve gotta start somewhere.

Om Improvement
The best part about clearing your head: having a clear head. The toughest part of clearing your head: having the time to do it. So hand the burden of discipline over to MindFresh, an in-office duo serving up 30-minute sessions to help you hit the refresh button. 

De-Tension Center
Massage is the latest and greatest in big business perks for a reason. Because massages are awesome. If you don’t have the capital to keep magical hands on-site at all times, go for Soothe, the on-demand five-star therapists that come to you. Simple pricing and gratuity included.

Let Them Eat!
No brainer. Feed ‘em. More than just keeping the body bag running, company meals are known to foster community and increase retention. Your office concierge for “family” meals, ZeroCater. Delivers from restaurants citywide and catering to any and all dietary needs.

Lend a Hand
Not a man among us is stranger to a pesky errand. Dry-cleaning. Picking up the dog. Whatever “Oh shit, my wife is landing early” entails. For that, there’s Taskrabbit, an on-demand helping hand that’ll take care of a wide variety of needs.

Glass Act
It seems that gravity has a diabolical affinity for cell phones. To assist, there’s iCracked. They’ll come to your office, fix your device and back the repair with a lifetime warranty.

Raise the Bar
It’s 5 PM on a Friday. Do you know where your resident office bartender is? Fix that. Cocktail Courier delivers top-notch libations from the city’s best mixologists. Or tap Bottoms Up to book an in-house bartender to knock out all the dirty (martini) work. 

Rescue Mission
In case that the bar eats you. The Hangover Club peddles in on-demand IV hangover therapy. When the coffee and egg sammies aren’t cutting it, a jolt of vitamins to the system’ll surely straighten you all out.

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