Where Does America Rank on the Grumpy Tourist Index?

Surprise: France is NOT at the top

By Evan Bleier

Where Does America Rank on the Grumpy Tourist Index?
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01 June 2016

They say travel is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer — provided you have a good time, of course.

If you don’t, travel is a thing that makes you poorer ... along with the reviews you leave for the places you visit. So how often does that happen? U.S. tourists review badly about 11% of the time, according to a study done by GetYourGuide, a travel services firm offering 26,000 international activities and tours that get reviewed by travelers from across the globe. Their analysis found Americans leave positive ratings 83% of the time, a number that seems pretty favorable but actually puts us outside the top 10.

The happiest travelers (those who left 4- or 5-star ratings) hail from the Czech Republic (92.3%), followed by Russia (89.9%), Poland (89.5%), Malta (89.4%) and Romania (88.9%).  

The grumpiest (1- or 2-star reviews) are from South Korea (18.5%), Mexico (14.8%), Malaysia (14.6%), Colombia (14.0%) and India (13.4%).

While we don’t have any guesses as to why the South Korean, Malaysian and Colombian tourists are so grumpy (maybe they just have high standards?), we do have a wager as to why the Mexican and Indian travelers are in such low spirits.

According to another study, they’d probably rather be working.

Via GetYourGuide

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