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Best of November

Classic cars and modern drones.

  • 26 November 2014

Vintage WheelsYou Get a Car! And You Get a Car!
New site Vintage Wheels data mines dozens of sources to create a comprehensive e-shop of muscle classics, cruisers, “hipster” rides and pre-war American classics.
Check it out.

DroneSo You Want to Fly a Drone...
The finest drone yet devised for human entertainment, the Inspire 1 was designed for two things: ease of use and aerial photo/videography. Just screw on the blades, charge it and fly. Check it out.

DuckworthThis Jacket Is "Sheep to Shelf"
Duckworth crafts their wares from Rambouillet wool shorn from flocks in the Montana Rockies. 100% made in the U.S.A. wool jackets and gear, perfect for keeping you warm and dry. Check it out.

NappiThis Leather Is Black Keys Approved
The Nashville-based Peter Nappi designs classic leather goods with a hint of rock’n’roll. Their leather? Sourced and hand-stitched in Tuscany. The Kings of Leon are big fans. So are the Black Keys. Check it out

SerialIf You Like True Detective...
In the podcast Serial, journalist Sarah Koenig deep dives into the case of Adnan Sayed, a Baltimore youth who was, perhaps erroneously, convicted of murdering his girlfriend in 1999. Check it out.

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