This App Will Fight Your Cable Company for You

Service is “on demand” customer service. For free.

By The Editors

This App Will Fight Your Cable Company for You. For Free.
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11 April 2016

The rage you feel after opening a bill to find an unexpected charge?

Not going to subside anytime soon.

But lucky for you, there’s now someone who will go get your money back while you sit back and do literally nothing.

All hail Service, an app/site that fights consumer battles for you. For free.

Service, nominated for a Webby Award this week, is both a website and iOS app that helps you resolve any “reasonable issue” you might have with a utility, airline or online merchant.

It’s basically “on-demand” customer service.

Created by Michael Schneider — a tech vet who was inspired by a fellow airline passenger’s frustrations with in-flight, paid-for-but-dysfunctional WiFi — Service requires only about a minute of your time and three steps to work.

To use:

  • Type in your company of disfavor on Service’s home page (e.g., “Time Warner Cable”).
  • Fill out a “What happened?” box and attach any relevant photos or files, like a bill or order number.
  • Type in your desired resolution.

Then, like Harvey Keitel in Pulp Fiction, they solve problems. But in a benevolent way.

Service is best for airline travel snafus, retail issues and assorted beefs with cell phone and cable companies. A resolution can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few months, with “2-3 weeks” an average turnaround time.

Now, there’s no guarantee you’ll get money back, but using Service is also free, meaning all you’re investing is about 60 seconds of your time.

One of InsideHook’s own execs recently tried out Service — with satisfactory but rather unique results, which showcased the app’s solid research capabilities.

“I got a red light camera ticket while I was visiting L.A. from New York,” he says. “The ticket was expensive, and there was no way to appear in court. I started receiving more expensive fines every three months, so I used Service. They gave me two options: fight it using photographic evidence, which would require an attorney service (they explained how to do this), or just ignore it. Their research showed it doesn’t get reported to the DMV, and it doesn’t impact insurance. Never heard from L.A. County again.”

Oh, and the most unusual request Service ever received? We asked their founder.

Says Schneider: “A man was upset because he had paid for an escort but she never showed up for dinner. He wanted his money back.”

Call it a lack of servicing.

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