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Sir Mix a Lot

Your favorite cocktail in seconds, via Powell & Mahoney

  • 26 July 2013

In these hardscrabble times of ours, nothing will put a man down in the mouth like returning home to a meagerly stocked bar.

Here to save you from another tall glass of vodka and boredom: Powell & Mahoney, Vermont-based makers of handsomely bottled and all-natural cocktail mixers.

They’re tasty. Trust us, we’ve tried them all. Several times.

The idea here is to cut out the hard-to-find ingredients and multi-step prep. For most P&M cocktails, you simply combine a liquor and their mixer in a shaker with ice, then shake and strain into a glass.

Available now:

Plus, mixers for more traditional drinks, including margaritas, mojitos and, ahem, cosmopolitans.

Hey, you’re at home. Nobody’s watching.

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