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Canadian Makin'

Fine outdoor duds from up north, via NAQP

  • 07 March 2014

Oh Canada!

Hockey gods. Princes of poutine. Hallowed birthplace of Kids in the Hall, for which we’ll forever be grateful (see here and here and here).


And now, home to the aptly titled North American Quality Purveyors, online just now and serving you outstanding outdoor men’s apparel and accessories.

Parsed by department and its dual countries of origin (“made in Canada” vs. “made in the USA”), NAQP curates knitwear, denim and field jackets that handsomely tread the line between functional, cozy and a real bit of daring.

Some highlights:

Plus, everything you'd expect from an operation based in the Great White North: scented cabin sprays, tweed lap blankets, duck camo duffels and heavyweight flannels.

Friendship's gotta have some warmth.

The Specifics

North American Quality Purveyors


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