The 4 dos and don’ts of procuring your drink

By The Editors

How Not to Talk to Your Bartender
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01 August 2015

You want a drink? Sure you do. So does everyone other man, woman and manchild at the bar. But don’t be pushy or rough about it; have a little tact.

Here’s how not to talk to your bartender:

DON’T: Yell at the man behind the pine as he’s making someone else’s drink or handling money.
DO: Make eye contact with the closest bartender. After they see you, you’re good. Be cool.

DON’T: Ask him if he knows how to make a specialty cocktail that you had at some other bar.
DO: Know what you want. If you don’t know, tell him what you like and ask if he can recommend something.

DON’T: Fumble around for your money after he’s placed your drinks in front of you.
DO: Have card or cash in hand. Having it ready before he takes your order will improve your chances of ordering in the first place. Doubly true for folding money.

DON’T: Roll your eyes at him when he skips you for the lady beside you, no matter how long you’ve been there.
DO: Stay cool; ladies first. Politely strike up a conversation with her if she’s looking to mingle. Politely shut your mouth and move on if she’s not.

Standard tip is a dollar per drink. Tip more earlier in the night and he’ll remember you.

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