Fatherhood Survey Results
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Fatherhood Survey Results

Just in time for Father's Day

  • 10 June 2014

A few weeks ago we asked the fathers among you, our readers, to tell us about your experiences as the paterfamilias.

Gentlemen, we're happy to report that the American dad is alive and well.

You can see exactly how he's faring in this: our State of the American Dad survey results

More than 6,000 of you responded to our survey. Like you, we wanted to know what's normal for fathers today.

How are we raising our sons and daughters? What are we most worried about? What are we teaching them, and they us?

We asked about role models. We asked about success. And we asked about your experience with your dad, too.

The results will inform and amuse you. And they're here just in time for Father's Day. That would be this Sunday.

Until then, enjoy the results

Postscript: Speaking of Father's Day, our gift guide is right this way.

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