Seven Exceptionally Excessive Ways to Spoil Fido on Pet Day

$35k pet portraits? Pawdicures? Cloning? Yes to all the above.

By The Editors

Seven Exceptionally Excessive Ways to Spoil Fido on Pet Day
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11 April 2016

Today is National Pet Day.

So we figure, what the hell — why not spend a college-fund-depreciating amount of money honoring our dearest four-legged friends?

A dog is a terrible thing to waste.

Far Flung Fido
Want to take Fido with you? The Kimpton Hotels are notoriously pet friendly. Actually, they go above and beyond the “friendly” designation. In addition to a VIP (Very Important Pet) amenity delivered to your room upon arrival, pampered pets get a bubble bath, nail trim and massage at Kimpton’s Epic Hotel in Miami.

And soon New Yorkers can leave their precious pooches behind at Paradise 4 Paws. The 20,000-square-foot pet resort will be a part of the $48 million, 70,000-square-foot, world’s first-ever pet terminal ARK at JFK airport. Your dog will have access to flat-screen TVs, a bone-shaped pool and pet massages.

See Spot Run
Lives of the rich and fabulous can be busy. Who has time to walk a dog? Let your bulldog run laps on his own treadmill, thanks to the Dog Pacer. If you have a dog walker, you can keep track of their walks and your dog’s fitness goals through Whistle, the “FitBit for dogs.” (Note: the company was recently sold). Whistle’s GPS also keeps track of dogs on the run.

Pet Portraits
If looking to commision an art-worthy pet portrait, it can cost you. Tom Palmore’s massive pet portraits are several feet high and wide and range between $25,000 and $35,000. You pick the pet, he chooses the real or surreal backdrop.

Artisanal Doghouse
If looking for an architectural aesthetic, the soon-to-be-released Puphaus is a sleek and easy-to-assemble artisanal dog house made from Western Red Cedar. Think of it as the tiny home movement for canines.

Cloning Your Dog
With more cash than conscience, a $100,000 dog clone by South Korea’s Soam Biotech can help can you get over your pet’s eventual demise.

Four Legged Fashion
This is why you can’t have nice things ... the pets have ‘em instead. Louis Vuitton’s $2,690 pet carrier and Versace’s Barocco $754 pet bowl will have all the dogs barking.

Dog Day Afternoon
You will never see a spoiled dog home alone. Enter: doggy daycare. A typical dog day afternoon can involve biscuits and baths, tip-to-tail grooming, “pawdicures,” individual or group play, naps, walks and, at Camp Canine in New York’s Upper West Side, individual hugs.

If jetsetting for days, try a pet resort. Pampered pooches can check into  based outside of Philadelphia. It features 24,000 square-feet of indoor space and six lush acres for Fido to call his own.

Karen Loftus

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