This Is the Only Playlist You Need for the Entire Month of October

And, honestly, it'll take you well into November as well

The Ice Storm (1997)
The Ice Storm (1997)

For me, and I would assume most people, music is seasonal. I look forward to that first warm March day when I can justify playing Jonathan Richman’s “Springtime in New York.” Summer doesn’t officially start until I’m seated on an Adirondack chair, beer in hand, as Pavement’s Steve Malkmus asks the eternal question, “School’s out, what did you expect?” during “Range Life.” And don’t even get me started on Christmas music.

But my favorite season for music is, without question, fall. It is, I suppose you could say, my whole vibe. I like sweaters and boots and new TV shows and feeling nostalgic and melancholy for no real reason. I like music that has a cocoon-like effect, protecting you in a way as you walk down a crowded New York City street, or filling your car with warmth and magic as you drive nowhere particularly interesting. It’s even better if you have a cigarette or two, but you stopped doing that years ago, for better or worse.

I don’t even know how long ago I made this playlist. I want to say 2012 or so? But the truth is it feels like it’s been a part of my life forever, and it doesn’t change very much, which is probably kind of sad. It’s not like people just stopped making music like this.

But I’m ok with it staying the same. Fall’s a time for reflection, for looking back and remembering what you’re all about. You can make little tweaks here and there, try to reinvent yourself at a new job or lean into some major life event like the birth of a child or the death of a parent, but deep down you know you’re still the same dude. These songs, this playlist, are proof of it.

This is mine. I called it “Forget the Flowers: Songs for Fall.” I hope you find something on there you wind up adding to your own. If not, I understand.

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